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  • Wonder Clips - 50 Pack (KT5450)
    $33.55 Wonder Clips - 50 Pack (KT5450)

  • Bryson T-Pins 1 1/2" (KT4938)
    $4.85 Bryson T-Pins 1 1/2" (KT4938)

  • COCOKNITS Yarn Snips (KT12816)
    $10.25 COCOKNITS Yarn Snips (KT12816)
    Forged iron snips are an ancient concept – you may have seen larger ones once used for sheep shearing. Ours are the same concept, but much smaller. So many snips have razor-sharp blades with plastic handles, a no-go...

  • COCOKNITS Tapestry Needle (KT13144)
    $6.15 COCOKNITS Tapestry Needle (KT13144)
    Part of CocoKnits steel tools collection and pairs with the Maker’s Keep. A bent-tip tapestry needle is a ‘must have’ for any knitter. Perfect for sewing up seams and for weaving in ends, the bent tip...

  • COCOKNITS Maker's Keeper - SLATE (KT13147)
    $20.25 COCOKNITS Maker's Keeper - SLATE (KT13147)
    One of the many advantages to yarn making is that you can take it with you everywhere! And, in the process, lose little knitting notions everywhere! CocoKnits wanted a way to truly contain knitting tools while traveling...

  • COCOKNITS Stitch Stopper - Colorful (KT13146)
    $12.25 COCOKNITS Stitch Stopper - Colorful (KT13146)
    If you have never been a fan of knitting needle tip protectors – how many times have you found that the force of the stitches on your needle have popped the guard off the end, or they simply fall off from the friction...

  • COCOKNITS Stitch Fixer - Magnetic (KT13142)
    $6.15 COCOKNITS Stitch Fixer - Magnetic (KT13142)
    It’s terrible when you are knitting along and suddenly notice that little stitch you dropped a few rows back. Never fear, Cocoknits to the rescue! CocoKnits created a two-ended hook tool which makes it easier to pull a...

  • COCOKNITS Triangle Stitch Marker - Small Magnetic (KT13145)
    $5.15 COCOKNITS Triangle Stitch Marker - Small Magnetic (KT13145)
    We’ve got everyone covered on round and opening bulb stitch markers – why not try a triangle next? The triangle shape sticks up from your work so it’s easy to get your needle tip into the corner for...

  • COCOKNITS - Colored  Opening Stitch Markers (KT13143)
    $10.00 COCOKNITS - Colored Opening Stitch Markers (KT13143)
    An offshoot of the Colored Ring Stitch Markers – opening markers are perfect for tracking row counts, number of stitches when casting on, and so many other uses. The thin metal keeps them flexible as a ‘safety...